"Our FX Unit brings a selection of essential tools for additive performance effects and powerful sound sculpting into the MasterSounds DJ experience." - MasterSounds founder, Ryan Shaw


FX Unit

Additive Effects

MasterSounds FX features 8 unique additive effects: 3 reverb and 5 delay, each designed with their own unique character and varied applications, which are assigned via the auxillary system to work on separate channels for full creative control. A full breakdown of these effects is available on this page.

The FX Unit is our way of building upon our original bedrock of uncompromised sound and simplicity with a creative performance module.

FX Explained.

FX features a powerful set of 8 different creative tools for adding subtle dynamic tweaks or huge sweeping flair to your favourite music. Use in conjunction with filter, resonance and distortion to maximise creative control. Ryan runs us through each effect in the video below.

Additive Effects

This delay has a subtle texture and can add some rhythmic texture to the high end, and works great used with the filter to balance the effect with the music, creating subtle changes without overwhelming the music beneath.

This unpitched delay helps give small lifts across the movement of a track, particularly unquantised music, adding a wash of harmonic echo to help mixes flow seamlessly between one another 

This is a combination effect, a pitched delay with a tight metallic reverb transient, helping to give a synthetic and boxy pressure to rhythms in a track.

A really handy tool with a wide range of applications, this reverb has a large range of scale, allowing changes in depth via the time and highpass filter controls to create the perfect space to match whatever the music and space requires.

With a large low-end response, this reverb is a large chamber effect that can widen the scale of the input, for creating booming textures in larger applications.

A short, gated reverb, for adding tight body to music without losing too much pressure in the transient tail, also able to widen into a large space for reducing tension and diffusing music.

A powerful performance effect, this gated noise effect gives a sculptable noise, allowing sweeping curves when played with the resonance and time parameters.

New for FX Gen 2, this delay uses a BPM counter module to detect and assign quantised time settings to the effect. Playing into the strengths of this type of tight and unnatural setting can add layers of snappy machine style funk to beat-driven electronic music.

Third Party Mixer Integration

FX is designed to be accommodated by the auxillary send & return system built into all our Radius DJ mixers, but it can also be configured to work with other DJ mixers and studio setups with great success. Using 2x TRS - RCA/TS splitter cables, the MasterSounds FX Unit can be integrated into most audio mixers that have a dedicated send/return system.