FX Unit - MasterSounds
FX Unit - MasterSounds
FX Unit - MasterSounds

FX Unit Grey

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FX Unit Grey

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Product Description

The MasterSounds FX unit is designed to perfectly integrate with the entire MasterSounds DJ mixer catalogue, maximising the use of both the Aux send system and mix insert feature in a way no other FX unit can. 

FX offers three products in one box - an analogue emulating FX section with analogue output, an analogue filter unit, and an analogue distortion system.

Analogue emulation provides 8 high-quality FX, 3 delays, 3 reverbs a subtle noise effect and mono delay with AUTO BPM.

The FX are designed to blend into the mix rather than dominate the music, though there is considerable scope for adjustment of various effect parameters (delay regen, filter frequency etc) using the additional controls provided. The interface is pure MasterSounds, with effect selection on a rotary control (though there is a 3-bit binary LED counter), giving the unit a classic feel.

Below the FX section is an analogue filter, offering 3 filter types (high-pass, low-pass and band-pass) along with controls to adjust the cut-off frequency and resonance.

As the Filter section uses the insert function found on MasterSounds mixers, the entire mix is routed through it, expanding the feature set of each mixer. When the Filters are switched off the output from the FX processor is still fed through the low-pass section, providing additional scope for effect manipulation. The high-pass and low-pass filters are each activated by pressing the large illuminated switches and selecting both switches the filter to band-pass. Zero crossing detection circuits help to minimise filter clicks during activation.

The 2nd Generation MasterSounds FX Unit keeps the original and much-loved feature set with its fantastic user experience and adds our AUTO BPM feature on FX 8, plus the ability to use FX with DJ mixers that have a send and return system. If nothing is plugged into the AUX RETURN sockets on the rear of FX, then the PARAMETER control also adjusts the level of FX added to the mix, meaning the effects and filter can be used with mixers that don’t have an AUX send control (with the addition of 2 x TRS splitter leads, sold separately). Analogue emulation provides 8 high-quality FX, 3 delays, 3 reverbs a subtle noise effect and mono delay with AUTO BPM. 

Finally, the stereo distortion circuit is a sophisticated DC controlled, analogue asymmetric signal clipper, operated by a single rotary control. Additional circuitry monitors the level of the pre and post clipped signal, automatically applying make-up gain when needed, indicated by the side-chain LED. The distortion control adjusts the level from off (fully CCW) to subtle warmth (midway) to hard clip (fully CW), but because the clipping is asymmetric it retains some warmth and character.

Both Aux-In and Insert connections are on ¼” TRS jacks, with the Aux-In being fully balanced. Two pairs of high quality balanced Neutrik leads are supplied with the unit, as well as a universal power supply, enabling plug and play use anywhere in the world.