"All of our MasterSounds audio accessories have been designed, engineered, and built for purpose. Everything we create has been achieved with the same skill, care, and attention to detail as we apply to all of our award-winning audio products." - Ryan Shaw, Founder

Skill, care & attention to detail.

Audio Accessories

Turntable Weight

Our turntable weight offers the audiophile & DJ greater confidence in performance and improved sound quality with vinyl, in a portable and modest form. Currently available in our matte black or titanium toned anodised finish.

Turntable Weight

Milled out of a solid block of high-grade aluminium and engraved with surgical precision, the MasterSounds turntable weight’s incredible function doesn’t come at the detriment to a unique & beautiful form. The stunningly smooth, expertly anodised exterior and knurled top grip not only makes nudging in your next record easier than ever but it’s also blessed with a beautifully matted satin finish, which makes this turntable weight our most elegant design yet.


The essential companion for traveling DJs, our HardCASE has been road tested for over two years to gain the MasterSounds seal of approval. Using premium military-grade materials to provide the ultimate protection from impacts and all elements, our HardCASE ensures the long life of your beloved MasterSounds DJ Mixer, FX Unit, LinearPOWER and accessories.


We have wanted to offer a slipmat for a while now, as with all MasterSounds products they needed to be of premium quality and offer something more than the norm... Then it came to us!

Welcome to the MasterSounds "FlipMat", an A-grade mat, where both designs you see in the image are printed on both sides, so you can mix and match colours, which also doubles the lifespan of your slipmat, or 'FlipMat' as we have named them.

SL Box

Original Technics SL Boxes with full packaging are becoming rare, so we decided to design a cardboard box to house a single Technics SL (1200/1210) MK2-MK5 turntable with adequate protection. The result is a super tough double-walled 300 craft cardboard box plus 2 poly inners that isolate the turntable, platter, and lid - in essence, a box that offers the ultimate turntable protection!