MasterSounds SL Grey - MasterSounds
MasterSounds SL Grey - MasterSounds
MasterSounds SL Grey - MasterSounds

MasterSounds SL Grey

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Our homage to the beloved Technics SL Turntable.

Built with Skill, Care, and Attention to Detail.

The MasterSounds SL is a modified and upgraded Technics SL turntable, hand-built to high specifications by our founder Ryan Shaw, including a MasterSounds LinearPOWER replacement, total chassis overhaul, newly upgraded tonearm, cartridge, and tonearm mount, proudly bearing the MasterSounds logo. It's our tribute to the iconic Technics design. This edition sports our custom Satin Grey finish, as seen on our latest Radius and Valve mixer editions. Use the contact form below for more information and to order.

Cartridge: The Audio Technica XP7 represents a balance between playability and fidelity that enables the user to access high-quality audiophile-grade sound without needing to sacrifice confidence when DJing. With a club-friendly tracking force of 2-4 grams and a high output level of 6.0 mV, it's the perfect choice for the MasterSounds SL.

Armboard: Our custom-machined solid aluminium MasterSounds armboard is designed specifically to house our rewired Rega RB-330 tonearm.

Tonearm: Our rewired RB-330 tonearm provides a considerable upgrade to the standard Technics experience. Fully rewired internally & externally by the analog legends at Audio Origami, we use Cardas brand internal wiring and short cartridge tags, plus our external rewire consists of super OFC external cable & sturdy Rean RCA connectors. 

Chassis: All MasterSounds SLs are built upon a refinished chassis, which is carefully stripped and repainted in our own trademark Satin Grey finish, built to match our range of DJ Mixers and Audio Accessories. It is then screenprinted with MasterSounds logo detail.

*LinearPOWER Upgrade: By removing the power supply from inside the chassis, we are able to eliminate a significant level of noise that would otherwise be picked up and transmitted by the stylus into the output. This lowers the noise floor, meaning less hiss and a more pronounced sound image. Adding LinearPOWER increases the cost of a single MasterSounds SL to £2495 from £1995 with the default Technics power supply.

Shipping: We ship all of our MasterSounds SLs in our sturdy double-walled SL Boxes, which are designed for secure international shipping. Contact us with the form below for a shipping quote for your location. 

"...It sits wonderfully on the boundary between a DJ and Audiophile turntable..."

Ryan Shaw - MasterSounds Founder

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