15 Years Deep: Ryan reflects on an amazing year of change for MasterSounds - MasterSounds

15 Years Deep: Ryan reflects on an amazing year of change for MasterSounds

"I wanted our 15th year to be a memorable one, so we set some challenges which I’m delighted to say we have achieved."

"It's been an incredible journey over the last 15 years. Since first designing and releasing the very first MasterSounds product - our Turntable Weight  to where we are now, with a suite of multi award-winning DJ Mixers and FX units, as well as our fully fledged loudspeaker speaker & audio accessories shipping daily to our global MasterSounds Family. I am so proud of what we have created, it's amazing to feel the continued support on our mission to create esoteric audio products with sound & simplicity at the fore. A decade and a half is a huge milestone, and so we knew this year was going to be a big one."

"Honestly, there hasn't been much time for looking back since the launch of Valve MK2 in March, we've just been moving from one great challence to the next and pushing forwards. So it's nice as we wind down for the end of the year to look back and take stock of everything we've achieved at MasterSounds in the last 12 months."

"After a long period of design and preparation with our partner Andy Rigby-Jones, we finally launched our MK2 Valve DJ mixers to wonderful acclaim in March of this year. Valve MK2 brought upgrades that took Valve to a new level, including our VariableQ Highpass Filter per channel, Innofader as well as revised EQ and Input stages for improved fidelity, and was wonderfully well received with a plethora of plaudits, including a DJ Mag Star Product Award."

"I have always wanted to produce a four-point sound system, the time felt right to join the launch of our high powered modular audio system via Record Store Day 2024, hosted by our good friends at Phonica Records (where I worked from 2004 to 2009), showcasing our full Clarity M Audio System for the very first time."

"We also held a friends and family listening event in a special space in a local Stockport mill, inviting Synkro to play live and showcase the power of our Clarity M Audio System in its four point setup in a more intimate setting."

"I felt there was no better time to re-introduce our MasterSounds SL, which is our love letter to the famous Technics SL Turntable I fell in love with over 30 years ago. Each MasterSounds SL is re-imagined to my specifications, blending fidelity and style. Firstly we fully strip and rebuild with Rega RB-330 tonearm & upgraded internal and external wiring, custom MasterSounds armboard and our essential LinearPOWER supply, plus much more with new components throughout. It's been amazing to see each unique SL being packed and shipped out to our MasterSounds Family throughout the year."

MasterSounds SL

MasterSounds Armboard

"Another event highlight was our trip up to Mayfield Depot to host the Plant Room at WHP Repercussion, where we powered a fine showcase from the Rhythm Section crew, giving Manchester a taste of what our Clarity M System can do at full strength."

"We dropped a limited edition run of mixers and FX end of August to celebrate 15 Years Deep. Limited to just 15 units of each mixer model we produce, with matching FX unit, as well as 2 very special matching pairs of MasterSounds SL's, our BLU editions added a splash of rare colour to end summer in style."

BLU Radius 2

MasterSounds SL BLU

Radius Four Valve MK2 BLU

"Our final quarter of 2023 was devoted to re designing the 1st mixer we launched back in 2016, the launch of our Radius MK2. Andy and I worked on a new feature set, whilst keeping the original mantra of sound and simplicity. Andy's 40 years of engineering prowess enabled us to keep the same footprint of our MK1 model which we felt was important to achieve. We brought a suite of additional features, including our new 3/4-Band Isolator, as well as a new layout and brand new satin grey finish across our entire product range, Radius MK2 marks a huge milestone on the MasterSounds journey."

To celebrate 15 Years Deep I felt it was ultra important to share our anniversary with our MasterSounds Family. London was the perfect destination, and I managed to find a perfect space. We headed down to Shoreditch, alongside Luke Una and the E Soul Cultura crew to host 10 days of DJ's and diggers in our popup event.

"With coffee provided by our friends at Dark Woods, records for sale from Be With Records and Mr Bongo, as well as incredible sets from our extended DJ family, our event was surely one of the most shazamed first-floor venues in London throughout our 10 day run in early December. A perfect way to close out the year."

MasterSounds Event



"Thanks to everyone who came to an event, ordered a product, or got involved on the socials this year. It's been our biggest year to date and I couldn't be happier with how far we've come. In fact, we've had so much to offer this year that we move into 2024 loaded with even more great things to announce, that simply couldn't fit into the schedule. So, after a well earned festive rest, we're looking forward to kicking into the new year, and ready to deliver even more love to the MasterSounds Family in the UK and beyond."

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