Video: MasterSounds x Phonica, Record Store Day 2023 - MasterSounds

Video: MasterSounds x Phonica, Record Store Day 2023

We headed down to Phonica Records in Soho on 22nd April for their Record Store Day event, providing sound with our new Clarity M Audio System.
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Our long history with Phonica Records dates back to the early beginnings of the shop 20 years ago when MasterSounds founder Ryan Shaw began a five-year employment behind the counter of the now legendary Soho vinyl store. 
Check out our video roundup of the event below, along with some snaps and details of the event.


Since the founding of MasterSounds in 2008, our relationship with Phonica has always been of mutual benefit, with our shared ethos of approachability and great music shining through in the many successful events and collaborations of the last 15 years.

the shelves at phonica records

We found a perfect occasion to collaborate once more on the 22nd of April, with Phonica's 20th Birthday, Record Store Day 2023 coinciding with an opportunity to showcase our newly built Clarity M high-powered modular SoundSystem.

mastersounds clarity m

Kicking off with the shop opening at 9 am, quickly filling up with the queue of customers that snaked up Poland Street. Flicking through the number of RSD releases, newest ins, and the wide range of records on offer.

shopping at phonica

Shop DJs began at 11 am, as the store reached capacity and a bustle developed outside. 

shopping at phonica

2 pm hailed the opening of the double doors leading down to Phonica's expansive basement space, with free drinks available and the Clarity M beginning its first public run. Capacity was quickly reached, and the room was packed with atmosphere soundtracked by DJs such as System OlympiaKrystal Klear, and Willow, culminating in a jungle tear-out from Sherelle and Special Request before the close at 11 pm.

downstairs at phonica

downstairs at phonica

We want to thank Phonica RecordsTPIRed BullVapoura Rum, and Two Tribes for coming together to make the event possible, and want to thank the crowd for getting involved and keeping the party alive throughout the day.

Images and Video by Henry Ravenscroft

Check the full sets on Phonica's YouTube channel here.

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record player at phonica