Feature: Ryan Shaw and Luke Una on Valve MK2 - MasterSounds Feature: Ryan Shaw and Luke Una on Valve MK2

Ryan speaks to to reveal the story behind our new MK2 Valve DJ Mixer range, as well as his history in music, plus an interview on the MasterSounds Experience via Luke Una.


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MasterSounds Valve MK2

"The MK2 keeps the original form but adds to the performance. It’s also about the build inside – high-specification components, and a beautiful circuit design. When you mix on a rotary, it’s an experience. It’s a mixer you can fall in love with." - Ryan Shaw

MasterSounds Valve MK2

 "Magic comes from chaos. You have to have chaos inside your soul because you do things you probably shouldn’t. Ryan’s chaos produces magic." - Luke Una

MasterSounds Valve MK2

"Every engineer has been blown away. It’s so bougie, so perfectly formed, and everything is in the right place. Again, that’s down to the meticulous mind of Ryan as a DJ." - Luke Una

Check out the full article over at here.

Learn more about Valve MK2 here.

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