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Setup Spotlight: Evan's Tiny Home

For this MasterSounds setup spotlight, Evan shares beautiful photos of his special setup, taking us through the challenges of nestling a full vinyl DJ setup with Radius 2 into his unique and inspiring tiny home.

It's always amazing to see the varied places our products reach through our MasterSounds Family. Our DJ Mixers have been featured at the heart of some of the worlds biggest festival stages, most renowned clubs, and the most beautiful high-spec audio bars we've ever seen. We are always grateful for the support from such a varied family, all sharing the same ideals of sound and simplicity across the globe.

The scale and spectacle of these places is incredible, but theres also something special about a small, warm and well considered home system. It can bring a sense of calm consideration and personal touch that differs from the larger, louder spaces.

That's what we felt when Evan got in touch to share his amazing tiny home, built by Greenwood Tiny Homes in Pennsylvania, USA. It's a mobile, friendly home designed for simple and efficient living. The finite space doesn't mean going without luxury, however, as the design still leaves room for a sizeable record collection, as well as our Radius 2 DJ Mixer and two turntables, which are cleverly stored inside a counter/desk space.

evans tiny home


Evan takes us through his experience with Tiny Homes, as well as the challenges of getting the sound right and the ergonomics appealing within the limited bounds of his space:

"I discovered tiny homes while hungover in college and was hooked. Design and function within a small space is extremely challenging and takes meticulous planning. I was up to the challenge, and designed the house down to the 1/4” and overall it has been exceeding expectations. That said, designing my turntable setup correctly literally kept me up at night." 


"Given that the tiny house is on wheels with no footing, the entire console is constructed as a floating shelf using steel angles to limit disruption from walking around the house. I wanted the top to match the butcher's block countertop in the kitchen, but had my builder plane them down a 1/2” so the ‘leaves’ are easier to move on and off."


"They are held in place by little nubs and routed half circles, so very quick and easy to move. The dividers are removable to allow access for maintenance, and the center shelf behind the mixer is removable, and hides all of the wiring."


"My records live in some old milk crates for that classic look, but painted white to blend in. They live under the console resting on top of the trailer's wheel well. I was able to get my builder to run 25’ XLR cables within a conduit within the framing to the speakers on the kitchen side of the house."


"My equipment set up includes two Audio-Technica LP140XP turntables, which I chose for durability, price, and the fact that they are the same size as the original Technics SL-1200MK5 to allow for a future upgrade. The speakers are Audioengine A5+ which were chosen for the Bluetooth capability, size, quality, and aesthetics, as they work well with the wood accents through the house."


"I also got IsoAcoustics ISO-130 Speaker Isolation Stands for the A5's to help with reverberations around as they live on shelves with dishes, bottles, etc (they work great!). And, of course, the MasterSounds Radius 2 for their mastery and simple interface, along with a pair of their classic weights!"


"Recently I’ve been listening to some Astrud Gillberto (RIP), Brazilian Boogie Connection, Fatnotronic, John Caroll Kirby, musclecars, Yoshinori Sunahara, and as always some classic soulful house from the likes of The Vision and Ultra Nate/MAW."



We want to thank Evan (@studio_evan_) for his inspiring story, pictures and taking the time to send it all over to us. Keep an eye out for mixes and features from Evan in the future!

Check out Greenwood Tiny Homes here to learn more about this unique and forward-thinking housing project, also be sure to follow them on Instagram.

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Written by Ed Jackson.