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Why Choose A MasterSounds Turntable Weight?

Ryan, whilst working at Phonica Records in London, had realised through conversations with customers that he wasn’t alone in his “battle” against unloved turntables - and so the first ever MasterSounds product was born.

In 2008, the global vinyl industry was suffering an all time low in popularity due to the rise of accessible digital audio. For any DJ hoping to play records, it was uncertain wether a venue would be able to supply reliable turntables. Ryan, through conversations had whilst working at Phonica Records in London, realised he wasn’t alone in his battling against unloved decks, so began looking into options to improve playability and confidence for the vinyl DJ. 

Taking inspiration from HiFi circles and the Shaw family trade of design engineering and product design, Ryan devised the first DJ focussed turntable weight, and MasterSounds was born.

turntable weight

Each turntable weight was a great success, and has since thrived alongside the global resurgence in vinyl, a trend that is still growing today. It has been a catalyst for the growth of the MasterSounds esoteric principles of sound and simplicity, attention to detail and the friendly, unpretentious care in service that we to offer today. 

This vision would be recognised by likeminded friends, audio brands and institutions around the world, leading to collaborative weight designs with icons like R&S Records, Nicholas Dixon, Trojan Records, Motown / Carhartt and Paradise Garage (via the Gay Men’s House Council) and many more.

Made from solid anodised aluminium with a beautiful matte finish and knurled grip, each turntable weight is a superbly engineered product, now with over a decade of refinement in its design evolution. Its balanced weight of 405g is testament to our attention to detail - the perfect weight to apply solid pressure to the record without over-working the turntable system beneath - no matter if its a non-suspended (belt driven) or direct drive turntable like the famous Technics SL.

Our turntable weight allows for increased sound fidelity across the spectrum, perfect for high fidelity audio applications, as well as less warp and skip with damaged or dished records. The knurled edge and slim profile allow for easy control and nudge, without sacrificing room for broader movements like cueing and scratching. All this comes together to offer the audiophile & DJ greater confidence in performance and improved sound quality with vinyl, in a portable and modest form.

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