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MasterSounds Valve MK2: DJ Mag Star Product Award

We don't do what we do for awards, but its always lovely when one comes along. With five years since our original Valve MK1 won star product, it is heartwarming to receive another accolade from one of the most important magazines in the industry.
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"This is a rotary mixer very much aimed at club DJs, as well as selectors who are looking for a mixer with silky-smooth sound."


DJ Mag Review, page 1


"We’ve got an original Valve 2 that we A/B’d it against, and MasterSounds has eked out more performance in the sound department. There is an improvement for sure, and the original was no slouch."

DJ Mag Review, page 2


"Prospective buyers can rest assured of the performance and sound quality on offer here with the Valve MK2."


We are proud to announce that much like our Valve MK1 back in 2019, DJ Mag have awarded us a Star Product rating for our new Valve MK2, with an overall score of 9/10. 

Check out the full review in the latest issue of DJ Mag.

Take a look at our Valve range here.

Valve MK2 improves on the MK1 with a suite of new features including our Variable-Q highpass filter per channel, Innofader crossfader as standard and revised RIAA and 3-Band EQ design. Check out our latest video to learn more about Valve MK2.

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