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Setup Spotlight: Richard's Modern Lounge

Richard got in touch from Sweden to share his wonderful sunny mid-century modern living room, focussed around his Radius 2 and turntable setup. He describes it as a welcoming and social place, and shares some technical details about his setup.

For this edition of the MasterSounds Setup Spotlight, we spoke to Richard about his beautifully bright home setup in Gothenburg, Sweden. Richard's mid-century design mixed with some bold modern pieces makes for a fresh, social, and inviting listening space, with a neat system powered by his Radius 2.

Richard's Lounge - Radius and Turntable

"I have always had my record players in the living room in all of the apartments that I've lived in. I think it's a great way to share the passion for music with others. It is not unusual for my friends to bring a bag of records over, show off their latest gems and just get a vibe going while having some Friday drinks. The DJ setup becomes like a fireplace that people can gather around."

Richard's Lounge - Wide

"Interior design is a big passion of mine, and when I moved to this apartment about a year ago, I wanted to try to merge the DJ equipment more into the overall interior. I have a serious amount of sunlight here so I needed to keep my records hidden, but still wanted to have some nearby while mixing. That’s why I went with the USM Haller sideboard which is very sturdy and has doors. They are absolutely one of my favourite interior pieces as well and bring a splash of colour to the place."

Richard's Lounge - Open

"I would say my style is a little bit playful but still clean and calm. It’s pretty much contemporary with a dose of mid century modern. I love big house plants as well, it definitely sets a vibe to a place. I want my place to feel warm, welcoming, and social." 

Richard's Lounge - Turntable

"I use two Audio Technica AT-LP 120 record players that have been my workhorses for a while (I would love a pair of 1210’s though). I’ve had my Radius 2 for quite a few years now and I absolutely love it. The ability to make long, smooth mixes while seamlessly working the high-pass filters really suits my style of playing, and the mixer follows me out to gigs every now and then. I had an old MacBook stand laying around which happened to fit perfectly with the mixer, to get it tilted a bit."

Richard's Lounge - Close

"Sound wise, I run a pair of Triangle Borea BR03 speakers. I don’t know much about the HiFi world but I think they sound great for the price. I power them with an Argon SA1 amp that I have hidden away behind the cabinet. I love having the flexibility to easily switch to Bluetooth when needed."

Richard's Lounge - Speakers

"My collection is very DJ oriented, and I mostly play a lot of house music. I like crate digging, and even though my city is not the largest, it can still reward you with some treasures if you are patient. Two of my latest records that I am currently hyped on are a Ron Obvious track (INTLBLK001) that always gets the bar going, and Zots - Molecules EP for some higher tempo grooves. Otherwise, I often play stuff from producers like Boo Williams and DJ Honesty."

Richard's Lounge - Vinyl

We want to thank Richard (@lemonsmooth) for his insights, and amazing pictures, and for taking the time to send it all over to us!

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Written by Ed Jackson.