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15 Years Deep: MasterSounds Presents BLU Limited Editions

In celebration of our 15th year, MasterSounds is proud to announce its limited edition BLU mixers and FX, as well as BLU MasterSounds SL Turntable Editions.
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Since Ryan made his 1st batch of turntable weights in 2008, we have been on a journey of audio discovery. Over the past fifteen years, we have had the joy of producing innovative boutique audio equipment for a devoted group of like-minded music lovers. To mark such a memorable milestone we have built a limited batch of BLU DJ mixers spanning our entire range, each with a matching FX unit, also including a very limited run of MasterSounds SL's to match.

 Radius 2 and FX BLU

Radius 4 + FX BLU

Only 15 units of each edition have been made, featuring gold 01-15 graphics & hand-numbered edition tags with strictly no repress.

Two Valve + FX BLU

Four Valve + FX BLU

We have also made two pairs of our MasterSounds SL in BLU Colourway, and each turntable has been hand built to Ryan's exacting specifications. Each features an upgraded and rewired Rega RB-330 tonearm and Audio Technica XP7 cartridge, plus our LinearPOWER supply & limited edition screen printed 15 Years Deep refinished chassis.

MasterSounds SL BLU

Head over to the collection page to learn more, or to the shop to order.

Radius 2 & FX BLU: £1695 inc VAT

Radius 4 and FX BLU: £2095 inc VAT

Two Valve MK2 & FX BLU: £2595 inc VAT

Four Valve MK2 & FX BLU: £3395 inc VAT

MasterSounds Approved SL BLU: £2695 inc VAT

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