Setup Spotlight: David's Home Setup - MasterSounds

Setup Spotlight: David's Home Setup

For our setup spotlight this week, we are excited to be featuring our good friend David's impressive high-level HiFi listening setup, which boasts a serious MasterSounds collection in his beautiful and fresh modern home.

For our setup spotlight this week, we are excited to be featuring our good friend David's impressive high-level HiFi listening setup.

A long time supporter of MasterSounds, David lets us in on his personal history with Music and DJing and takes us on a deep-dive into the serious specs of his simply amazing home setup. Complete with a full suite of MasterSounds gear, including some of our very special customised and limited editions, this is one of our favourite spotlights yet, and showcases David’s real passion and investment in high quality audio, all underpinned by his modern home and trademark royal blue colours.

"I was exposed to the art of DJ'ing by many of my friends and it has become my passion and hobby over the last 30 years. I don’t DJ as often as I used to, so have decided to continue my passion at home where I have invested in some amazing gear and DJ setups. I have 3 incredible set ups that I use and rotate based on genre and type of listening format. I’m a rotary junkie and have a vast collection of superb mixers with MasterSounds Radius Four Valve as one of them plus the MasterSounds FX Unit."

David Jacob Booth 2

"My listening space is located in our living room and is where I come home and chill to de-stress. This is the HiFi listening room and I have gone to great lengths to choose the right speakers and components to appreciate and bring music to life. There is also a DJ set up here, mainly for soul, jazz, new wave, ambient and deep house. I also rotate my mixers, with the MasterSounds Radius Four Valve currently on duty. I love the warmth of the MasterSounds mixer and this is paired with some very rare and unique MasterSounds turntables. Ryan has been very kind to produce his very own MS 1210 MK5 for me as well as a very rare MasterSounds modified SL 120 MK2 both using a Rega RB330 tonearm, MasterSounds LinearPOWER, and Audio Technica XP7 carts. I’m also using two Gold Note PH 10’s for my phono sound stage to really boost the tonality and overall aural presence of the turntables."

David Jacob's SL TurntableDavid Jacob's MasterSounds Turntable

David Jacobs JBL room

David Jacob's JBL and R4V

"The centerpiece of this room are the Kenrick Sound modified JBL 4344’s. I  worked closely with Kenji Hosoi (head honcho of Kenrick Sound in Japan) to bring these rare and vintage speakers back to roaring glory. The soundstage on these speakers are incredible and the detail so precise. The speakers are driven by a pair of McIntosh MC 7300’s and a pair of Mark Levinson 436 power amplifiers. I’m also using the Kenrick Sound DAC (E1 KRS) that just produces the most sublime sound I’ve ever heard for converting digital to analog. There is also a McIntosh CD player to round things off."

David Jacob Booth

" The 3rd listening area is a tribute to all things valve related and such an incredible space to listen to albums and immerse yourself in the warmth of the valves. Again, using the MasterSounds Radius Four Valve MK2 as my preamp paired with a pair of McIntosh MC275 tube power amplifiers generates a radiating red glow from all the tubes including the valve mixer."

"I’m also using a modified Technics SL1200 MK7 turntable in Green (50th anniversary model). It’s modified with a Jelco tonearm and a beautiful Koetsu rosewood cartridge. This is passed through a Triode tube phono stage, which just delivers an emotional sound. For the digital end I have the Auralic Vega G2.1"

David Jacob Recs

David has also sent us a snap including some of his favourite records at the moment, including:

Luke Una - E Soul Cultura (Compilation)

Catz n Dogz - Moments

Carl Craig - Sandstorms

Joaquin Joe Claussell - Raw Tones

Prefab Sprout - Steve McQueen (Acoustic)

Riuchi Sakamoto & Robin Scott - The Arrangement

New Order - Power, Corruption and Lies

Floating Points - Crush 

Everything But The Girl - Fuse

David Jacob Recs 2

We want to thanks David for taking the time to share these amazing photos and talking us through his incredible sound system. 

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