LinearPOWER for Technics - MasterSounds
LinearPOWER for Technics - MasterSounds
LinearPOWER for Technics - MasterSounds

LinearPOWER for Technics

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LPT 230V (EUROPE) - IN STOCK - Same-day shipping if ordered before 12 O'Clock BST.

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This product is an upgrade for the Technics SL turntable. If you are looking to upgrade the power of your MasterSounds Radius of Valve mixer, please click here.

Voltage:230V - Europe

In response to customer demand, MasterSounds can now offer a linear power supply accessory as an external supply for the Technics SL-1210 turntable. This product requires some assembly to be fitted, and the process should be carried out by a trained professional.

The power supply features a hybrid discrete regulator design, controlled by a very accurate IC voltage reference and feedback loop. The output voltage can be pre-set to 15V, 18V, or 21V, with other custom voltages available by request. Output current is rated at 1amp continuous, but the supply can deliver more than double this for short periods. With a compact toroidal transformer and high-quality capacitors used throughout, long life and continued high performance are ensured.

The power supply is protected against over-temperature and short circuit events, but crucially it also includes overvoltage protection to prevent damage to any connected devices.

The unit is housed in a smart in-house designed steel chassis, with an illuminated power switch and a light-piped bi-colour LED to indicate status (green = good, red = fault).  

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