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Setup Spotlight: Little Boxes

It’s over 10 years since Ryan built the MasterSounds SL you see here, and we are pleased to report it’s still in daily use via our buddy @littleboxessweden, amongst some fine vintage audio from brands like Sansui and Akai. 
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By nestling his OG MasterSounds SL Turntable between a stunning array of golden era Sansui, Akai and Sony machines, Michael creates an enviable HiFi haven in his mid-century home. Check out a brief history of Michaels setup over the years in the pics below.

Check out our MasterSounds SL page to learn more about our custom homage to the iconic Technics SL turntable, or learn about our range of preloved original Technics SL's here.


Many thanks to Michael for supporting MasterSounds over the years, and for sending these great pics over for us to share with our MasterSounds Family. Check his Instagram via the link above for even more of his incredible setup and collection.

Share your MasterSounds setup with us via email - we love to see them and are always looking for more amazing spaces to share with our MasterSounds Family.

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