Now Available: MasterSounds SL Grey - MasterSounds

Now Available: MasterSounds SL Grey

We are proud to reveal the latest iteration of our revered MasterSounds SL, in stock now in our custom Satin Grey finish. It's our tribute to the iconic Technics design, upgraded to the high specifications of MasterSounds founder Ryan Shaw.
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The MasterSounds SL is a modified and upgraded Technics SL turntable, hand-built to high specifications by our founder Ryan Shaw, including a MasterSounds LinearPOWER replacement, total chassis overhaul, newly upgraded and rewired tonearm, Audio Technica XP7 cartridge, and custom armboard, proudly bearing the MasterSounds logo.

Check our latest reel showing the MasterSounds SL in action here:


This edition sports our custom Satin Grey finish, as seen on our latest Radius and Valve mixer editions.

Either with LinearPOWER upgrade for £2500, or with the classic Technics power supply for £2000, the MasterSounds SL bridges the gap between audiophile and DJ turntable with its much improved sonics, with no sacrifice to playability.


The newest units also feature our redesigned custom armboard, designed specifically to house our rewired Rega RB-330 tonearms.

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