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Chatting all things MasterSounds with Discogs | MasterSounds

Chatting all things MasterSounds with Discogs

I started MasterSounds 9 or so years ago as I had noticed a shift with DJs who used to play vinyl turning to digital formats. I was DJ’ing worldwide and really noticed that venues were caring less about turntables. I had seen turntable weights used for audiophile purposes and sound improvements, so decided to make some at my family engineering company, where I was a Director at the time. I then started selling them to friends who had the same predicament, but unlike an audiophile weight, I wanted to make a product which DJs could use. Read More  
Check out the superb review of the Radius 4 by | MasterSounds

Check out the superb review of the Radius 4 by

Sloth Boogie rate the Radius 4 a stunning 9.5/10 | MasterSounds

Sloth Boogie rate the Radius 4 a stunning 9.5/10

Working our way through vintage vinyl, modern heavy weight pressings, 320kbs mp3’s and even just a YouTube stream, the Radius 4 improved whatever was thrown at it, offering articulate representations of the original which were full of character. To ensure we weren’t getting drawn in under the spell we plugged turntable 2 into another of Andy’s creations, the Xone42 mixer. With 2 copies of the same track we proceeded to flip between the two. It was like switching between night and day. Low end was fuller, the mid more textured, and the highs sang with the clarity of crystal. Read Review

PBR Streetgang in the LAB Les Arcs Ice Rave Cave with the Radius 2

Inverted Audio review the Radius 4 | MasterSounds

Inverted Audio review the Radius 4

Tracks sounded warm and powerful. The mixer clearly returns a full spectrum of frequencies and allows you to appreciate mid and low ranges much more than you do with most common DJ mixers out there. It makes such a difference when you and the dancers are able to appreciate the real bassline coming out of a record! Even when I stepped off the booth, I could hear how the mixer was getting the most out of the sound system in the room. Rich and detailed sound even at relatively high levels of volume. Read Review        

SIT at the controls of the Radius 4 Mixmag LAB LDN

DJcityTV - MasterSounds Radius 4 rotary mixer review

Resident Advisor - Radius 2 | MasterSounds

Resident Advisor - Radius 2

"I rarely had a level difference on the trim dials of more than 15 degrees, which is far better than most mixers. The headroom is also impressive. Using a medium size rig and a vinyl signal with no extra gain, I never turned the master above nine o'clock except to test the output levels. It also would have been nice to have an extra gain control on each channel for squeezing extra line signals on to the admittedly limited two channel design. But after a few mixes, such thoughts are far from mind. There's something in the effortless quality of the sound, the simple layout, the large controls and the transparency of the filter that make for a meditative mixing experience. Everything happens slowly. As such, I rarely found myself on the isolator, being satisfied with the subtlety of the filter, helping tracks retain their warmth and body, mixing with structure and volume rather than EQ. Of course, this is what rotaries are all about, and you have to be obsessed by this form of mixing to fork out the coin for something like the Radius 2." Read Review
DJ WORX - Radius 4 | MasterSounds

DJ WORX - Radius 4

"Having laid my hands on the small but perfectly formed Mastersounds Radius 2 rotary mixer in the Worxlab a few months ago, my mind did the usual logical extension of product names. And turning my head coyly, I asked Ryan Shaw “and a Radius 4?”, to which Ryan smiled and confirmed that it was coming soon. And soon is actually now for the all-British made Radius 4 rotary mixer has just been announced." Read Review