Video: Clarity A Audio System - Back in Stock - MasterSounds

Video: Clarity A Audio System - Back in Stock

In our new video, founder Ryan Shaw talks us through the genesis of the project, which focused on adding another crucial stage to the vision of a fully-fledged MasterSounds Experience.

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Our Clarity A audio system is back, with limited numbers available now.

After meeting with world leading audio brand TPI Sound in 2017 and collaborating on the ideal design for a complete, discrete, and natural audio system, Clarity was born. 

Named for the character of the sound, the personality of Clarity A is found in its open, balanced soundstage, which works beautifully for presenting any music in a true and untreated way. The compact footprint and subtle design of the system make it a practical choice for smaller applications, such as home HiFi and even the bedroom DJ. However, the high SPL output bolstered by the powered 8” Subwoofer allows Clarity A to stand strong in public spaces such as record stores, cafes, small bars and restaurants.

Following the MasterSounds ideal of quality audio without compromising accessibility, the setup and management of Clarity A are simple, with a single cable per Cube 6 loudspeaker feeding into the powered Sub 8 subwoofer for quick setup right out of the box. 

Clarity A Audio System

Check out Clarity A on its product page to learn more.

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