Video: Radius MK2 Overview & Demonstration - MasterSounds

Video: Radius MK2 Overview & Demonstration

Ryan takes us on a top-down tour of the features on our new Radius 2 MK2 DJ Mixer.

The latest version of our Classic Radius 2 portable powerhouse mixer, Radius 2 MK2 builds on the success of the previous generation model, adding to its unique feature set with a 4/3 band isolator, redesigned per channel VariableQ high pass filter, add mix feature, 2x headphone jack points, and an individual return channel knob.

The mixer is also available with an extra two channels and two mic inputs, our Radius 4.

Redesigned internal circuitry offers superb fidelity with MasterSounds open, natural, and dynamic sound.

In the overview, Ryan talks the history of Radius, explaining the genesis of MK2 and the reasoning behind our improved feature set. Watch here.

Watch Ryan run through each feature and demonstrate the workings of our newest mixer here.

What's New for Radius MK2.

4/3 BAND ISOLATOR - Radius MK2 features our 4/3 band isolator, for creative isolation and shaping of sound. Ultra versatile with 4 bands of isolation, switchable to 3 bands at the touch of a button, with full cut to +7dB of boost per band with crossover points from 110Hz to 3000Hz.


4 Band Mode:
Sub: 110Hz
Low: 210Hz
Mid: 1500Hz
High: 3000Hz

3 Band Mode:
Low: 650Hz
Mid: 1500Hz
High: 3000Hz

VariableQ HPF - The new Variable-Q filter provides a natural roll-off at low frequencies, lending perfectly to mixing with filters alone, but as the HPF knob is rotated the Q automatically rises to provide that classic analogue swept filter sound, with a high-pass filter frequency range of 15Hz –1.5kHz.

ADD MIX - Radius MK2 now shares the ADD MIX knob found on our flagship Valve series, and enables control of the amount of stereo mix sent to your headphones. When the knob is rotated full anti-clockwise only the cued track can be heard. Turning the knob clockwise increases the amount of stereo house mix that can be heard in the headphones.

RETURN  - We have added a separate return knob for increased control of the AUX return channels when using aftermarket FX units.

PHONES - Radius MK2 now offers the option of a 1/4” or mini jack headphone input.

REFINED FIDELITY - Redesigned internal circuitry offers superb fidelity with MasterSounds open, natural, and dynamic sound stage, with high headroom & low distortion.

Check out the Radius MK2 here.


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