The MasterSounds Guide To Stockport - MasterSounds

The MasterSounds Guide To Stockport

Since MasterSounds moved to Stockport over three years ago, we have seen the town develop a small but exciting community, far succeeding its common description as one of the larger train stations orbiting Manchester - and though unable to match Manchester for scale, the victorian charm of Stockport’s Underbanks and Market Square make for a great day of shopping, local culture and exploration. 
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Stockport Record Shops - SK1 Records

Ryan headed down recently to share with our community what makes SK1 such an essential part of Stockport’s ever-growing cultural presence. Asking about how the shop started, the local scene, and a quick run-through of some new-ins from a suitably broad second-hand collection, this visit should give viewers a great introduction to the friendly atmosphere of our local shop.