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“It’s literally the hub of the community…” - Why We Love SK1 Records.

We listen to a plethora of music at the MasterSounds Hub, whether its a beautifully recorded Jazz LP to test the detail in our high fidelity audio products, some light folk and ambient to start a Monday morning, or old-school rave and jungle 12’s to put a pair of turntables to the test, it's essential that we have diverse racks of quality vinyl at our disposal throughout the day.

What’s not as diverse, however, is the range of places we buy our records from - nowadays, the chances are, whatever it is, we got it at SK1 Records.

Joe and Gareth have been running the shop for exactly four years this month, and in this time the shop has grown into a staple of the local scene, serving all the vinyl buyers of Stockport from their historic Underbanks location. From stocking all the Manchester classics for young first-time buyers to helping hard-to-find psych rock and folk pressings find their cult collectors overseas, SK1 really is able to cater to all.

Ryan headed down recently to share with our community what makes SK1 such an essential part of Stockport’s ever-growing cultural presence. Asking about how the shop started, the local scene, and a quick run-through of some new-ins from a suitably broad second-hand collection, this visit should give viewers a great introduction to the friendly atmosphere of our local shop.

Check them out in-store at 17 Little Underbank, Stockport SK1 1LA, or browse what they have in stock on Discogs via


Music: Slum Village - Climax (Instrumental)

Video - Remora Films

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