"We have been using both the Radius 4 and FX in our studio setup the past 6 months. From a studio perspective, the preamps alone give a really nice drive and compliment synths and drums perfectly. If you wanna to go one step further using the distortion on the effect unit is also great for extra colour. This has added a new dimension to the digital synths we use in the studio, along with the analog filter has made them almost new machines to us. For Djing it is probably one of the most fun mixers we have played on, never mind how it sounds, the unsynced FX give lots of scope to be creative and bring a more live element to DJing for us."


My MasterSounds Radius 4V is the bomb! It’s sound is so warm, so clean, so full it’s feature set, it’s functionality, it’s form and it’s value - true winner. What an extraordinary mixer! I love MasterSounds gear because it affords me the opportunity to use my mind, my ears and my hands creativity creatively to express my ideas through the music I’m playing. I started deejaying in Chicago way back when as disco was yielding way to new wave, punk, pop-synth, electronic dance music and of course house music. Turntable trIcks, artistic flare and showmanship mattered then too but sound quality was just as important. You’ve put the art back into the game and will challenge the status quo bringing the complete deejay back to the forefront with this thoroughly complete mixer. I truly see it as revolutionary.

Rob Alahn (Chicago, Unfiltered Soul)

I’m already a big fan of the MasterSounds mixers so was excited to try the turntable isolation platforms (TRBxM) on my festival stages

I provide systems for electronic festivals FARR and Campo Sancho where a variety of vinyl based DJs play some serious deep bass grooves from Reggae Dub and tech house. The legend Jah Shaka playing for 3 hours at high level in close proximity to 8 x Funktion One F124 24” subs posed no problems to the stylus. The handles are very ‘handy’ especially during change overs. The platforms have given me new confidence with vinyl playback at high level with no eq needed to prevent feedback on the stages these were used.

Dave Millard (Full Fat Audio)

MasterSounds is one of those rare companies that CARE about the quality and integrity of their products, if they sell it you can be sure it's TOP OF THE LINE! Nicky Siano - PRODUCT USER!

Nicky Siano - the Gallery/Studio 54

MasterSounds turntable weights work a treat at our Lucky Cloud Loft Parties where we use Koetsu Urushi cartridges mounted to a Koetsu tonearm on a revamped Technics 1100 turntable. The weights sufficiently eliminate air gaps which can create noise so the sound is improved. Highly recommended!  

Colleen 'Cosmo' Murphy - Lucky Cloud/Classic Album Sundays

"I'm always mithering the productions guys at the Warehouse Project every week for them to put me an analogue rotary mixer in for my sets, but due to different sets up and availability it happens only rarely. But the mithering is over, I can just throw my Radius 2 into a rucksack and do it myself! I took it down for my opening set of the NYD closing party at WHP where I played room 1 before Ben Klock. The rig in the main room is huge, and it just took it in its stride, the range that you hear through it in there is just incredible, and even the engineers couldn't believe the clarity and power it has. It was an absolute joy to use at a gig, and it'll be a regular companion from now on."

KRYSKO - The Warehouse Project

Playing DJ sets from vinyl these days has become a challenge in many venues and situations. The popularity of digital playback has allowed sound technicians to become slack about maintaining and keeping their turntable configurations sounding good and feedback free. In order to be prepared for problem situations, I have learned to prepare a small toolkit to take with me. An essential part of this tool kit is the MasterSounds turntable weight. When placed over the spindle, the weight really tightens up the bass response of my records, lending my set a nice, rich sound. The low end seems taught and solid, and lack of feedback ensures great dynamics. I would whole-heartedly recommend these weights to anyone serious about their sound when playing, they have a tough but elegant look which attracts attention wherever I play. Thanks MasterSounds for such a great product!

Darshan Jesrani - Metro Area

My MasterSounds turntable weights have become an essential accompaniment to all my shows.

Thanks Ryan! 

Gilles Peterson - BBC 6 Music