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Review: Mojaxx Takes A Deep Dive Into ISO4

In their latest video, Mojaxx of DJcityTV takes a look at our latest mixer accessory, the ISO 4 Isolator, praising its transparent sound, solid build quality and numerous connection options.

In his insightful video Mojaxx details the history of the DJ Isolator, its origins in the 1970s and its development up to now. Describing a few early examples, he brings us up to date before taking a look at our latest offering, the ISO 4.

Mojaxx describes the wide range of connection options the ISO 4 has, including the balanced XLR in and out, and Balanced RCA in and out, as well as insert send/return options. This makes ISO 4 the most dynamic isolator on the market, ideal for home setups, touring DJ's and studio use.

"The construction is typical MasterSounds: All-metal build solid connections and a great feel."


"It is completely transparent, which, let's be clear, is a good thing. Clearly that is what MasterSounds have aimed for, and they've achieved it."

After extensive sound testing, Mojaxx concludes that the device is transparent, with full kill and +7 boost, which he describes as the perfect sweet spot for mixing with the isolator.

Take a look at the video review here to find out more.

ISO 4 is currently available for next day shipping if ordered before 12pm BST. Take a look at the product page for more information here.

Learn more about ISO 4 here, or check our own demo video here.

Thanks to Mojaxx and DJcityTV for the kind words.

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