Brexit/Non-UK Orders: Business as Usual - MasterSounds

Brexit/Non-UK Orders: Business as Usual

As many of you will know, the United Kingdom has now left the European Union, meaning there has been some changes to the way products are charged and sent to anywhere outside the UK.

The good news is, there isn't much of a change on the customer end, except the following:

- Customers outside the UK will not pay 20% VAT.

- Instead, they will pay import duty, similar to shipments to the USA and Australia. This is likely to be 20% in import taxes, which is to be paid before delivery to the courier. Please check your local government website for more info on import taxes for products imported from the UK.

Business as usual for MasterSounds, but if you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to drop us a line on our Live Chat, Whatsapp, or our socials.

Keep on Grooovin!