Natural High-Pass Filter

The jewel in Radius crown, our natural high pass filter per channel replaces the traditional 3 band EQ, aiding seamless mixing with a channel high-pass filter range from 10Hz to 1.5kHz.

Portable Powerhouse

Our Radius 2 has one of the smallest footprints of any DJ Mixer on the market. This makes it a great choice for small scale applications or life on the road, whilst maintaining its playability through generously spaced ergonomics.

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Built by hand in the UK.

Union Audio

All MasterSounds Radius Mixers, FX Units and LinearPOWER Units are hand built with skill, care and attention to detail by the incredible team at Union Audio in Cornwall, UK. Under the guidance of analogue mixer legend Andy Rigby-Jones, each MasterSounds mixers is rigorously built and tested to ensure long-life and customer satisfaction.