Radius 4 Silver


Radius 4 Silver

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In line with the new 4V range, MasterSounds existing Radius 2 and Radius 4 rotary mixers have undergone circuit redesigns to take audio fidelity to a new level. The JFET preamplifiers are used in the RIAA stages and in other key audio stages, all signal electrolytics are now Panasonic, plus a host of additional component type and value changes have been implemented. The fully balanced main mix buss is summed by a pair of MUSES01s, noted for their openness and smooth audio reproduction.

Other subtler changes are the fine textured black paint finish, adoption of Torx screws, and the fitment of vibration mounts in place of the hard rubber feet.




The Radius 4 has received a Star Product award and 9/10 from DJ Magazine and has been awarded 4.5/5 by Bonedo.de and slothboogie, to read the reviews head to the Reviews/Press section on the website.

In November 2016 MasterSounds launched the Radius 2 analogue rotary DJ mixer in collaboration with Union Audio to a rapture of global praise. Fast forward seven months and the Radius 4 is now here, a product ready to build upon the Radius 2’s worldwide success.

The Radius 4 has been designed by MasterSounds and Union Audio and developed by Union Audio at their Cornwall based workshops. Andy Rigby-Jones, former head of design for the world-renowned Allen & Heath Xone DJ mixer range, has personally designed, built and tested the analogue electronics, whilst MasterSounds founder Ryan Shaw not only worked on the mixers feature set, but his family owned metalworking factory manufacture the mixers outer casing.

Each mixer is lovingly hand-built, tested and shipped direct from Union Audio, ensuring the ultimate in quality, reliability and performance.
Andy says; “Just like the Radius 2, the Radius 4’s signal path features pure high-end analogue topology for minimal distortion, low noise floor and high headroom, aided by only using components of the highest quality”.

With more than twenty years experience of DJing, as well as a background in design and manufacturing, MasterSounds founder Ryan Shaw says, “The Radius 4 is a fabulous addition to the MasterSounds range and is a response to customers who love the Radius 2’s unique design, but require 4 channels when DJing”.

The Radius 4 offers a fantastic clean, open and dynamic sound on both LINE and RIAA inputs across all 4 channels, as well as great usability. The mixer features easy-reading back lit VU Meters, a responsive Master EQ/Isolator, a smooth natural sounding Hi-Pass Filter, and Aux Send on each channel.

A new and unique feature is the ability to reconfigure the Aux Return Jacks as a Mix Buss Insert, giving the user unparalleled flexibility for FX integration, simply at the press of a button.
And last but not least, the addition of two Mic inputs gives the Radius 4 the club standard specification seal of approval.

Please Note - None EU customers may have to pay import duty on receiving goods, MasterSounds specifies the full purchase amount on all shipping and customs documents.


MasterSounds Radius 4 Technical Specification


Power Requirement

**(Each mixer is supplied with a compact switch mode power supply for anywhere in the world and we supply the correct IEC lead for your country)**

External Power Supply Universal 90V – 265V AC 50/60Hz 18-19V 30W Max

DC Internal Power Rails +/- 18V DC


Audio Performance

Residual Output Noise <-97dBu 20Hz to 20kHz un-weighted

Mix Noise Unity Line IN to Mix Out <-89bBu 20Hz to 20kHz un-weighted

Distortion THD+N 0.0022% Line IN to Mix OUT 0dBu

Dynamic Range >116dB

Maximum Signal Level ±27dBu

Frequency Response 25Hz – 50kHz +0/-0.5dB

15Hz – 100kHz +0/-3dB

Headphone Output Power 800mW RMS into 32 Ohms



Channel High-Pass Filter Range 15Hz to 2kHz

Master EQ/Isolator Cut/Boost OFF to +12dB

Master EQ/Isolator Crossover Fc 350Hz and 3.5kHz

RIAA Accuracy within 0.25dB 40Hz – 20kHz.

Feedback Reduction Sub 30Hz



W = 350  L = 190 H = 80 (mm)

Weight = 3.3KG

Packed Dimensions

W = 480  L = 270 H = 200 (mm)

Packed Weight = 4.7KG


W = 14  L = 7.5 H = 3 (inch)

Weight = 7.5lb

Packed Dimensions

W = 19  L = 10.5 H = 9 (inch)

Packed Weight = 10.5lb


MasterSounds reserves the right to change the specification without notice.